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San Saba County, Texas Deed and Property Courthouse Records

 San Saba County, Texas documents are now available on CountyRecords.com!

Documents include all or part of the documents filed with the San Saba County Clerk/Recorder for the period indicated below.

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yes yes Official Records 01/01/2020 09/30/2021 01/01/2020 all fields 2,000

The San Saba County database is being updated regularly as new documents are filed.
Corrections are also being made as they are found.

We are just getting started so documents are currently back to 2020. 

Let us know if you would like to see more by emailing us  at crsupport@countyrecords.com

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The following field can be searched for this database:
Book Instrument Type Tract
Volume Instrument Date Subdivision / Block / Lot
Page Filing Date Legal Description
Clerk Number Abstract Remarks
Grantor Survey Consideration
Grantee Acres  

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